Thursday, July 19, 2007

4ch Apache AH-64 Rc Helicopter

The Latest Product of COLCO APACHE AH-64 Longbow 4CH R/C HELICOPTER. The Apache AH-64 Longbow made its first flight in 1975 as the YAH-64, and in 1976 the company received a full-scale development contract. In 1982,the Army approved the program, now known as Apache AH-64, for production. Deliveries began from the new McDonnell Douglas plant at mesa, Arizona, in 1984-the year. To this day, The Apache AH-64 Longbow is the most advanced. Versatile, survivable, deployable and maintainable multi-role combat helicopter in the world.

APACHE AH-64 remote controller model helicopter is made by simulating and downsizing the Apache AH-64 LONGBOW helicopter. It can simulate basic acts of Apache such as hanging, advancing, retracting, yawing, etc. It applies design of co-axial double-propeller and inverted rotating. The upper propeller produces lift and at the same time balances the airframe. And the lower propeller produces speed differential and changes angel of propeller while producing lift so as to realize the swerving of the helicopter. Design of co-axial inverted rotating of two propellers eliminates produced torsion and makes flying more stable and swift.This helicopter applies high quality PA and PP materials with good stiffness that enhances its anti-break capability, and adopts emulating airframe design to furnish it with excellent external appearance.


Size: L400 x W140 x H165mm
Main Rotors: 520/570mm
Weight: 250g
Transmitter: FM 6 channel
Motor: 2 x 180 Brushed
Battery: Lithium Polymer 7.4V 1000mah
The Flight Time: 15~20 minutes

*Factory Assembled Helicopter (zero assembly time)
READY TO FLY !*6CH Transmitter (35 / 72MHZ)
Mode 1 (Throttle on Right hand) and Mode 2 (Throttle on Left hand) available35MHz for Europe 72MHz for USA & Canada*100~240V AC
Mains charger*Li-PO 7.4V 1000MAH
*Instruction Manual

RM369.00 (sam/call Fadhil 0192537659)

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Anonymous said...

The only problem of the AH-64 helicopter is the fact that the mechanic parts ( specially rotating gears)are extremely fragile. So, after a few flights it is necessary substituing them. Where could I find these parts ?

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