Thursday, July 19, 2007

6ch Honey Bee King II RC Helicopter

(3).Main blade diameter:600mm
(4).Tail blade diameter:130mm
(5).Motor gear:9T
(6).Main drive gear:140T
(7).Drive gear rate:9:140T
(8).Weight:470g(with 1000mAh,11.1V); Power and Radio Equipment:
(1).Lithium Battery:1000mAh,11.1V
(2).Super motor:370
(3).Gyro:ESKY Professional gyro
(5).Transmitter:6 channel or more(helicopter system)
(6).Receiver:6 channel or more

Products features:
1). Adopted CCPM (Collective cyclic pitch mixing) system, make rolling, dive, i
nverted flying and 3D aerobatic acts are displayed perfectly, which will bring
you endless pleasant surprise.
2).Integrated main body structure,light & novel design, and auto-Rotation
System with high-precision one-way shaft bearing can protect safe landing
3).Tail rotor with Belt driven construction, which can ensure easy adjustment,stable
flight and low noise.
4).Adopt 370 super motor with high performance,the power is driving.
5).Equipped 6 channel transmitter, which can adjust parameters precisely,
so that the precision and stabilization of flight can be well displayed.

Sell Mode :
Notice:Before flying,please put the antenna of receiver through the antenna pipe,and then fix it on the fix collar on the landing skid. For the better flight and the good receiving signal,please keep the antenna of the receiver far away from the brushness ESC,brushness motor and Li-poly battery of the helicopter. Every belt driven helicopter of ESKY (EK1H-E013/E014/E015/E016/E017/E018) needs to be operated by this method

RM699.00 net (sms/call Fadhil 0192537659)

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