Wednesday, July 18, 2007

4ch LamaV4

(1) Main rotor diameter:340mm;
(4)Power system:180 motor*2
(6)Transmitter:Standard 4 CH
(7)Mix controller:4 in 1 controller
(8) Servo:8g,1.3kg.CM,0.12s/60°
(9)Battery:7.4V 800mAh Li-polymer battery

Product features
LamaV4 RTF Electric Coaxial Micro Heli
Key Features
1.Coaxial, counter-rotating blade rotor design
provides incredible stability and positive control.
2.Full RC system set Included, ready to flight out of box.
3.Pre-installed ESKY 8g servos and 4-in-1 control unit
4.No installation or assembly required.
5.Dual 180 motors makes the LamaV4 powerful and efficient.
6.800mAh 2-cell Li-Po battery pack is low weight, high power
and provides flight durations of 10-15 minutes per charge.
With the new LamaV4 you get a completely assembled and ready to fly micro heli
with a coaxial counter-rotating head design that is so stable almost any first-time
flyer can be hovering like a pro in no time. The LamaV4 offers things other
similarly designed micro helis can’t – the power and precision of ESKY 8g
servos, an advanced 4-in-1 controller, and a great looking, lightweight body
that really stands out. The LamaV4 features counter-rotating main blades that
cancel out the rotational torque that makes hovering a challenge in conventional
helis.They also make rudder turns much easier by slowing down one or the other
blade without affecting the stability of the aircraft. This is truly a helicopter
that most anyone can fly and beyond your dream.

RM350.00 (sms/call Fadhil 0192537659)

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