Thursday, December 4, 2008


Introduce Product Basic parameter
Fuselage total length:888mm
Wing loading:35g
Main wing
Flying weight: landplane: 550g floatplane:600g
Color box dimension: 1053 X 318 X 129mm
Carton dimension: 1071 X 415 X 660mm(6 color box/ctn, G.W.:19.5kg)

Basic collocation
Motor:290ED motor with decelerator.
ESC:15A Brush ESC
Propeller: 8 x 6 three-bladed propeller
Battery:9.6V 1000MAH NiMH battery
Charger: 10.8V charger
R/C system: PPM-FM 4 channel proportional R/C system
Motor:290ED motor with decelerator.
ESC:15A Brush ESC
Propeller: 8 x 6 three-bladed propeller
Battery:11.1V 1200MAH Li-polymer battery
Charger: 12.6V Li Charger
R/C system: PPM-FM 4 channel proportional R/C system
Upgraded collocation
landplane:SP2830-26 out-runner brushless motor,18A brushless ESC,11.1V 1200MAH Li-polymer battery.
floatplane:SP2830-26 out-runner brushless motor,18A brushless ESC.
Main Character
●Steady in flight and very easy to master
●Great at slow-speed for easy flying
●Great for restricted-space and low altitude flying .
●Excellent control and stability. It can perform the loops, rolls and inverted flight aerobatics.
●Elegant styling and design
●It can be converted to a floatplane with the same outstanding performance.
1. Wilga-2000 has been independently developed by Shenzhen Sapac Industry CO.Ltd.
The high wing is very suitable for beginners and mid level flyers.
2. It is a 4-channel proportional R/C airplane with full functions that provide great performance
at slow speeds and low altitudes It has a very light body which provides for safe flying.
3. Wilga-2000's neutral flight tendencies allow for quick recovery in even the most extreme
situations. All you need to do is cut the throttle, release the elevator and it will resume.
Pontoon details
Length: 600MM
Width: 600MM
Height: 65MM
Weight: 25g(each)
Efficient tonnage: 500ML(each)
Matching style: wingspan 800-1200 MM, flying weight around 1000g R/C 、petrol airplane.

The SAPAC pontoon meets the demands of float flyers in many ways. It has all the clean and
efficient lines of full size pontoons and has the ability to float and lift heavy planes into the air,
while adding very little weight to the aircraft. Because of its design, your aircraft will track
straight and cut smoothly through the water from initial throttle advance through the step
and into the air. Once in the air, you will experience great flying characteristics and performance.
And just like many advanced full size float planes your aircraft will take off and land not only from
the water, but from grass and snow too. We highly recommend SAPAC pontoons for the beginner
and experienced flyer.

RM180 (kit only)
RM350 (RTF)

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