Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Futaba 10CHP FASST 2.4GHz Air TM-10 TX + R6014FS RX

10-Channel 2.4GHz Computer System

The 2.4GHz system that offers the impossible: Pro-level features at a sport-system price.
Some people feel that a 2.4GHz system with a built-in module will always offer better response than a modular system. Nothing could be further from the truth.
The 10C is a modular system, yet offers response superior to most “dedicated� systems. Why? Because response doesn’t depend on whether your module is built-in or modular. It depends on whether your signal starts in analog or digital form.
Converting a signal from analog to digital form requires processing time — what you experience as lag. The 10C, on the other hand, was designed with a totally digital data stream. The signal starts digital and stays digital. Since no additional processing is needed, there’s no lag, either — just virtually instantaneous, real-time response.
And because the 10C is modular, you can use the TM-10 module to fly 2.4GHz-equipped aircraft…or replace it with a 50 or 72MHz module, and fly existing models without added equipment or expense.

10C System Overview:
- Big, 160 x 72 LCD with backlighting, adjustable contrast & auto-off
- Dial ‘n Key™ programming w/joystick navigation
- 15-Model memory (expandable w/optional CamPACs)
- 10-character user name
- 10-character model name
- 2048 resolution in FASST 10-channel mode
- Basic & Advanced menus
- Enhanced airplane, heli & glider software
- Smart Switch Technology™ (SST) — Logic Switches allow you to activate a function when specified switch and/or
stick positions occur
- Up/down on/off timer (activate by stick or switch)
- Tracks service hours for radio and models
- Mode 1-4 selectable (Modes 3 & 4 programmable)
- Assignable functions/switches
- Auxiliary channel screen — for 1-step function/switch assignment & eliminating unused auxiliary functions
- 2 proportional slider switches
- Digital trims on all 4 main channels
- Trim memory & sub-trims (all channels)
- Adjustable trim steps (1-40)
- Fail-safe, servo reversing & EPA
“Full Functionality� trainer system (cord required)
- Flap switch (3-position)
- Retract switch
- Rotary Dial (3)
- Adjustable Throttle Cut/Idle Down
- Sticks w/length & tension adjustments
- Servo cycle w/bar graph displays
- Constant trim, voltage, name and timer display

10C Specifics:

Advanced Airplane Menu
- 8 Programmable Mixes (4 linear/ (4) w/5-point curves)
- 9 Factory-Defined Mixes: Elevator-Flap; Ailvator (for dual elevator servos); Throttle-Needle; Aileron Differential; Flaperon; V-Tail; Elevon; Snap Roll; and Air Brake w/elevator delay
- Dual/Triple rates (4 ch.)

- Exponential (4 ch.)

- Idle down
- Throttle cut
- Throttle delay
- Throttle Hold & Idle-up w/delay
- 2 independent gyro settings
- 7-point throttle curve
- Flap trim

Advanced Glider Menu
- 8 Programmable Mixes (4 linear/ (4) 5-point curves)
- 12 Factory-Defined Mixes: Butterfly-Elevator (2); Elevator-Flap; Chamber Mix (w/ail/ele/rdr adj.); Aileron-Flap; Aileron-Rudder; Flaperon; V-Tail; Flap Trim; Butterfly w/spoiler adj; and 4-point Offset (w/camber adj. for basic/launch/thermal/speed)
- Adjustable spoiler
- Adjustable Throttle Cut
- Single/Dual Aileron and Flap Servo Selections
- Start, Speed, Distance & Landing conditions, Adjustable Airbrake Activation
- Adjustable Motor Cut

Enhanced Features:
- (2) Slider Switches
- (3) Rotary Dials
- More Programmable Mixes
- More Factory-Defined Mixes
- R6014FS 14 Channel Receiver
- TM-10 2.4GHz Transmitter Module

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