Thursday, January 3, 2008

4CH RC Plane "CESSNA" (RPH60712)

4 Channel R/C Plane "CESSNA"
Plane size: 98.50x32x11.50cm
1) 4 Channel R/C Plane "CESSNA" uses four channels scale radio control equipment to make acrobatic flight and to control the speed of the motor

2) Emulational exterior, mix logical pneumatic fabric, flexible controlling abilities

3) Can make normal flight course, inverted flight, flap-flip and spiral flying,transverse trundling.

4) Equipped brainpower electron scale velometer, few step-down, safe crater start-up and low-pressure power-off function

5) Model-plane structure and material with breakage safety design, greatly lowers the extent of crash breakage The body in Plastic, The front wing in Poam,The back wing in special KP board.

6) Wing span:980mm 38.6"Length:860mm 33.8"Weight 560g 22.9 OZMotor:390,direct drive

7) Rechargeable battery: 7.2V 2000mAh Ni-MH
8) Radio:3ch or 4ch (Aileron included)
Price: RM350 (with stock motor and ESC)

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